Welcome to the World of Torva Cattus!

Welcome to Torva Cattus, a revolutionary sim who's reason for being created is to help our majestic Felines.

Torva Cattus, uses a fun realistic and fantasy mixed game setting to educate and entertain our players. In this game a player can rescue, nurse, breed and re-release wild feline species. With unique imaging and an opportunity to really make a difference in the future of many species Torva Cattus is really a game of many experiences.

We do ask that anyone wishing to join the site be 13 years of age or older. As Torva Cattus deal with real life issues, such as poaching, death and species reproduction.

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Care for your felines through all stages of life. Apply backgrounds custome or provided. Set up a sanctuary, zoo or reserve. Gather your friends and get donors. Keep your guests coming back for more or play it down by going to school and furthering your education. All this and more awaits you in the world of Torva Cattus!