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Choose Your Region

Welcome to Torva Cattus! It seems you have decided to embark on a game that will change the lives of many cats. At least that is the goal. You may choose your area of location. This is where your zoo or sanctuary or the first of your reserves will be located. Your choices are North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, or Australia. The globe is for those who enjoy clicking on continents, but in case you wish to see what you are clicking on more clearly there is a drop-down option beneath it. If you click on the globe the drop-down selection will also fill in. So make your choice and press next to continue on with registration.


Information We Hold Dear...

Oh my you are almost there. This is the second part of registration. Here you put information that only you and the game should know: passwords, username, email, and invitation codes. Now don't feel bad if you don't have one, invitation codes are for those who purchase trial upgrade for a friend who don't already have an account. The code on the email is to claim their upgrade. Otherwise it should not be needed and accounts are still free! While in alpha testing though accounts are not free and your email should include this code for you to register.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service


What The Others See...

This is your last step! After choosing the things on this page you will begin your gaming experience. The things you choose here can be changed later in the game. Simply go to your account settings and do your changing. For now we will need to know some things about what you wish to have to begin with. Then click Continue and enjoy the game!

Are you a Morning Person or Afternoon Person?

Choose Your Avatar Image

A female avatar with pale skin.
A female avatar with neutral skin.
A female avatar with tan skin.
A female avatar with dark skin.
A male avatar with pale skin.
A male avatar with neutral skin.
A male avatar with tan skin.
A male avatar with dark skin.