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Quick TOS
01.    Only 1 account per player
02.    No stealing concepts or designs, animals or functions from Torva Cattus
03.    You must be 13 or older to play the game
04.    No external scripts allowed to interfere with the game
05.    Report bugs and no exploiting them
06.    No selling accounts for any other currency
08.    No selling items, felines, points or dollars for real life currency
09.    Pornography is not allowed.
10.    Mild Profanity is allowed.
11.    Moderators enforce rules listen to them.
Terms of Service Expanded
The following are the terms of service you agree to upon joining this game. Any violation to these can result in your account being banned from the site, frozen, fined, restricted from certain parts or having your account closed.

Unique Species Solutions claims 2011-2012 copyrights the concept and idea behind www.torvacattus.com. Every piece of art displayed on Torva Cattus and not created by any of its users are copyright to Unique Species Solutions. We do not tolerate any art theft and it will be dealt with accordingly to the law.

Torva Cattus ("torvacattus.com", "TC") is an online game created, run and owned solely by us ("we", "Angela Richardson and Christa Kinne). All contents on the game are virtual - the felines, sanctuaries, items, trials and the rest are not real and do not exist in the real world; merely on the game. It is a free to play game, and will remain so.

Torva Cattus is a game intended for children of 13 or older, so minors under the age of 13 will need permission from a parent or guardian before they sign-up and start playing the game. TCs felines do eventually die in the game from age or perhaps other reasons (like sickness, poaching, etc.), and that may be upsetting for anyone under the age of 13. This is also in compliance with the COPPA act.

Torva Cattus stores and collects your IP address and email address, though only for account activation or for retrieving lost passwords. They will not be shared with any third-party unless legal action needs to be taken, in which case we reserve the right to do so.

Torva Cattus will not be held responsible for the actions of its players, however TC will take action against them should the terms of service be violated. The game is intended to be child-friendly and relatively child-safe, but no guarantee of that can be granted.

Torva Cattus grants a set of privileges (not rights) to each user account upon sign-up. The privileges include (though are not limited to): capturing felines, breeding felines, hunting with felines, conversing with other members on the message boards, using the private messaging system, personalizing their own sanctuary page, logging on & off to their user account and so forth. TC reserves the right to take away one or all of these privileges at any time without explanation. This applies to both basic and upgraded accounts.

Torva Cattus images, text and overall content is copyrighted (c) to us, the owners of the game, & original artists. You agree not to take any picture, edit it or otherwise and pass it off as your own, unless you first have written permission from us.

Upon joining Torva Cattus for the first time, you agree not to create more than one account so as not to bog down the game's server. This is also because, and because the community expands pass more than our chatting area. Any member caught with more than one account will have those accounts frozen and find their IP address banned.

Torva Cattus reserves the right to be shut down or closed at any time, be it for a break, or to clean bugs, or even a permanent closure without reason or explanation given. In no way is TC expected to be kept open forever, nor to refund users who have upgraded their accounts. The right to change any part of the game at any time is also reserved by us.

The usage of scripts to play or cheat at the game is prohibited. "Script" on this website is defined as any program other than an internet browser used to access the site, usually written in, though not limited to, javascript, PERL, CGI, PHP, or ASP.

Torva Cattus users may not abuse, harass or in any other way purposely offend other users on the site.

Torva Cattus does not allow chat speak of any kind. Abbreviations and Acronyms are not Chat speak and will not count as any. You are not allowed to flood the boards or topics with responses or posts. TC allows moderate profanity, and adult topic discussions as well as political and religious discussions, we also have a debate board in which you must very that you are 15 or older to access. We ask that these remain in good taste for the eyes viewing, and any that are seen in bad taste will be closed/locked or deleted.

A user of Torva Cattus may not link, distribute or pass off any work that is not originally their own and/or is copyrighted on the game without first acquiring permission from the creator of work themselves. TC by no means is to be held responsible for any content a user uploads, distributes or links to in any way but will do what it can to assist in these matters.

Players are only allowed Ownership of ONE (1) account: Ownership is defined as IP address and email access. Torva Cattus stresses that the sharing of accounts is not forbidden, but strictly advised against due to players being "cheated out" of money by passing on their account login information to someone they thought they could trust. Any users found to be asking for someone else's account login information or found on another user's account will be banned from the site immediately and without notice. If you willingly give your account information Owners, Admins or Moderators are not responsible for recovering, replacing or donating any item/feline or SP/SD to the original Owner of said account.

Torva Cattus is not a completely bug free game, so any bugs found must be reported to the owners immediately. As a player you are not allowed to exploit any bug for personal gain or to advance yourself in the game. Any user who is found exploiting a bug on the game can be, but not limited to, fined, frozen, restricted, banned or completely removed from the system.

All upgrade purchases and donations made to TC are non refundable. Chargebacks will result in immediate and permanent banning from the site. Scripts you use to design your shop and sanctuary cannot interfere with the site's shell. Violations will be reset and owner warned.

You are not allowed to sell TC Accounts for real life or other game currency. You are not allowed to sell Sanctuary Points/Dollars, Items, Invites or any other TC item or TC specific thing for Real Currency, You may however trade for other game currency. Torva Cattus cannot be held liable or responsible for any trade and will not reimburse any scammed or stolen items. Any player caught breaking this agreement is subject to reprimand and/or punishment as mentioned in this Term of Service Agreement.

The Terms of Service are subject to change at any time without notice or reason as I reserve the right to do so. If you don't agree with the TOS, you must stop using the site immediately. Any violation to the TOS will be dealt with as listed above.